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The new Santa Clauses of Bjoern Koehler
The new Santa Clauses of Bjoern Koehler with trumpet and golf club

The newest member of the Santa Claus Band by Björn Köhler is the Santa Claus with trumpet and with golf club available immediately.

All news can be found under Björn Köhler Novelties.

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Wendt & Kühn Limited Gold Edition No.12 The Companion with Pocket Watch gold-plated

Picture Wendt & Kühn Limited Gold Edition No.12

The Companion, Wendt & Kühn's eagerly anticipated Gold Edition No. 12, will be joining the collection of traditional manufactory on July 2019. Holdinghis costly gold pocket watch firmly in his hand he is able to slow down time, just a little. Calmly he accompanies us through many a hectic day and reminds us to make time for the really important things - a guide to escort us through time, and to guard those treasured moments.

The Limited Edition Gold Edition No. 12 you can choose here with blond or brown hair.

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Flade Edition 2019

Foto Flade Jahresfiguren 2019

From June 2019, the new Flade Annual Figurines 2019 will be available. The two girls baked delicious cherry cake and are looking forward to a delicious picnic in the garden with cocoa and cake. There is a new birthday girl under the leaf tendril every month. All twelve birthday children will be available from the end of June. The new edition of the music box "The old apple tree in autumn" will be delivered in July.

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Wendt & Kühn novelty 2019

Wendt & Kühn Girl in Hoop with Bowl of Flowers and Birds

This year, the Girl in Hoop with Bowl of Flowers and Birds and the Girl with a Christmas Rose are adding to the joyous flower children. The birds all vary in size and have different colored plumage. They get their individual look through the application of translucent paint that makes their feathers shimmer in a wide range of shades and colors. This happy little girl, designed by Grete Wendt, does not appear as an individual figurine in any previous old catalogues or price lists. This leads us to believe that she has never before been sold in this particular form anywhere in the world.

All news from Wendt & Kühn can be found HERE.

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Winter Children Edition 2019 by Ulmik
ULMIK Winter Children

The Christmas bakery with oven and three baker children and the children's punch sellers complete the offer at the Winter Children's Christmas market. The three travelers visit the Christmas market in the Erzgebirge and the little conductor with locomotive is happy about his brand new Christmas present. On the last night a lot of snow has fallen, the school has been canceled, the children look forward to snow-free and build an entire snowman family.

All new figures can be found here at Ulmik novelties.

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